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A Day In The Life of a 3 Year Old Boy

On Wednesdays, my grandson and I spend the day together while his parents are at work. Usually, he takes a nap during the afternoon. But, yesterday, he just wasn’t sleepy. So, we headed outside. It was a beautiful day!

I did a bit of weeding in my garden while he got in his little swimming pool … just long enough to get wet. We have a sandy area in our yard that he just loves to play in. So, as he used “digger” and “boulder” (the names of his toy utility vehicles), he managed to get sand from the top of his head to the tips of his toes and every nook & cranny in between.

DSC03767 (2)

When I snapped this evidence for future embarrassment photo, he said, “Did you just take my picture?”

He, of course, then needed to take my picture. This is what I agreed to …


A shadow portrait of us together. Not bad for 3.

As he wondered around the yard with my camera, he said he was taking a picture of everywhere he was going. And, he did.

Thank goodness for digital cameras. I could not afford the cost of film with this little guy around.

I L♥ve Hiking!!

Yesterday, my run did not go so well. It was not for lack of motivation! We went to our normal running spot in the morning, to avoid the heat. I was on my first run following my 5 minutes of warm ups when an indescribable pain ripped through my right leg. My son practically had to carry me to the car! This was not a charley horse. It was unlike any other pain I have ever felt! After gathering myself together, I was able to drive us home. But, once there, I plopped down on the couch, feet up, popped a couple ibuprofen and just rocked until the pain eased. The good news is … it did go away fairly quickly. After about 30 minutes, I was able to begin walking around again with very little pain. Determined not to fail and with no pain returning by evening, we returned to our “spot” and did a walk instead of a run.

So, you can understand my hesitation when my son called wanting us to go hiking today. But, I soooo love to hike!! And, we went. I am so glad that we did!

I am not sure what that pain was about yesterday. But, I am very thankful it is gone!

Our God is an Awesome God!

My Dad raises chickens and sells farm fresh eggs. He has so many customers, that his supply does not keep up with his demand. It could be that they are so delicious … which they are! But, he only sells them for $1 a dozen. This is a hobby for him, not a money maker. So, he is totally content.

Previously, he has gotten his babies from other chicken ranchers and raised them up from chicks. However, he recently decided to buy an incubator. We thought he was crazy! But, we have all soooo enjoyed watching these eggs …

from the time they layed totally lifeless in the incubator

until the time they began rolling around in the incubator, unable to see what stirred within the shell

until the time we watched a chicken peck a small hole in his (or her) shell

to the time we watched as a tiny chick cracked out of it’s shell

(The tiny one on the bottom just popped out of his shell)

until the time they turned out to be these amazing little fluffy creatures!

25 eggs in, 17 chicks hatched. Some brown, some black, some yellow!

How simply amazing!

All I can say is that our God is an awesome God!!

Golden Wedding Anniversary Party Decor

I had always wanted to do something extra special for my parent’s 50th anniversary. But, I have become a terrible procrastinator!! With only a week or so until their anniversary and a little mental push from my cousin, I got on the ball. And, with 3 weeks to get a party going, I went into action.

I quickly came up with a theme of “Then and Now” and knew I would use gold and ivory as my base color theme. (I know, not so original of an idea!!) But, I knew with such a small amount of time, I HAD to get focused on the invitations.

I kept the invitations simple. I used 1/2 sheet card stock paper. Two photos, a then and a now, were printed at the top with the party info at the bottom. I then folded them in half to make it like a postcard. The photos were on the front side and the info was on the back side. I struggled with etiquette …can you have a potluck or not?!? From my research I found, it is ok to do a potluck if the party is being held at the couple’s church. (Which ours was!) So, I added this to the bottom of the invitation …

“Please let the joy of your presence be their present! However, do feel free to bring a potluck dish.”

After the invites were done and on their way to their destination, I was able to move on. And, in 3 short weeks, I had accomplished the goal. A decent golden anniversary celebration for my parents!

While it took me a while to get here, now to the point of my post. On my search for ideas, I found very few photos of the actual decorations at other’s parties. Now, I am not a florist or a party planner, so my decor is not perfect. But, I hope that the photos may spark some idea for those who may be searching for 50th wedding anniversary ideas.

I wanted sheets of paper for the guestbook so that I could combine these into the scrapbook I will be making them after the party. So, I placed a sign in table near the door…

On this table, I also included one of the many framed photos I had of my parents through the years, confetti, flowers, ink pens and the programs. My future DIL “manned” the table, trying to photo each couple as they came though the door.

I had a food table …

I kept it simple with ivory table cloth, confetti and a simple decor on the end.

I loved the idea of a memorabilia table. At first thought, I could not imagine what I wouuld put on it. But, after starting it, I had too much to go onto one table. 🙂 We included a tv / vcr for old home movies (not playing in the photo), scrapbooks, photo albums, framed photos, etc…

I felt the focal point was the cake table! I had ordered cupcakes from Walmart

and my brother got an actual cake made by a co-worker of his.

They were both a big hit!

And definitely the focal point that I wanted!

Here are some close – ups of how we set up the table …

For the guests tables, we chose to decorate every other table with a different look.

The first design included a candle, two gold framed photos and of course more confetti!

The other design included flowers and one framed photo.

My take home idea for the guests was simple …

two little hershey’s nugget candies wrapped in tulle and tied with matching burgundy or gold ribbon. The guests loved them and snatched up all the etras that I had!

I had many compliments on the colors I chose … burgundy, ivory and gold.

I purchased the frames at dollar tree, the flowers at hobby lobby, the glass candles and pen dishes at a second hand store, the paper goods at a party store & the balloons at a wedding store.

In hindsight, I wish I had more time to prepare so that I could check out renting tableware, tablecloths, etc vs. buying paper & plastic wares. I could not find anyone willing to blow up my balloons – so think of that prior to purchase! Turns out, our local wedding store would do it and made the lovely balloon bouquet in the process for less than $15 for both!

I took most of my ideas from the internet. But, I do hope the photos help add to those ideas! As I stated, I am not an epert, but I would be happy to answer any questions you might have in preparing for your party!

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a ……

Hover Disk

Hover disk!

From the day my boys became old enough to watch tv, they would talk during the shows and stay glued to the set during commercials. And, I cannot tell you how many times I heard, “I want that!” haha! When the hover disk came out on those infomercials, my youngest would not give up. Refusing to pay the “as seen on tv” price for a huge mylar balloon, I was thrilled to find one at our Everything’s a Dollar store. After opening it, we were at a loss for how to fill it. But, one drinking straw and a light headed mother later, it was in flight. We have caught it in trees & sent it sailing to our neighbor’s yards. And, I must say, we have definitely gotten out $1.00 worth!

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