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Melted Crayon Art

Yesterday, I was feeling very … blah! Still am today. I am so ready for Spring! Sunshine! Warmth! Outdoors! Flowers! Happiness! I started a post last night that I didn’t finish. Planned to come back to it today. But, this morning, it felt too deep. Just wasn’t into it. So, I just browsed. I came across this “thought for the day” from Lily Pups Life

Broken Crayons Still Color

And, oddly enough, the same quote on my facebook news feed. It must be a sign! 🙂

Needing to do something creative & silly, I came across crayon art. Nothing like the smell of new crayons. Brings me back to my childhood. Sure, I had seen these kind of projects before. But, I had never indulged.

So, I went in search of ideas.

Love this one below from Ben Franklin Crafts

When I set out to start making mine, I had a field of daisies and grass in mind instead of a vase or pot. The only canvas I had was already finger-painted on by my Grandson and it was small. But, determined to do this today, I painted over it. I wanted a sky type background but I wanted it to represent how I feel today … not perfect, unfocused, dark.

My almost finished project. 


I left the top right corner more open because I plan to add our quote of the day, “even broken crayons still color.” Just haven’t decided how I want to do that, yet. Suggestions?

Time involved: About 2 hours start to finish. (My craft supplies are unorganized. So, a big portion of that time involved me gathering supplies.)

Skill level: Anyone can do this!

Cost: Less than $5 since I already had everything on hand & could divide up the cost (cheapie 3 pk canvas panels & crayons from Walmart, Flower bunch from Dollar Tree, Butterfly on sale at Hobby Lobby – was originally on a string of 3 butterflies with beads), $10 to $15 if you had to go out and buy everything new or better.

Interesting things that I learned and what I would do differently next time.

When using a hair dryer (blow dryer), I should have used same length crayons. The varying lengths were difficult to heat evenly, causing more of one color to prevail.

If possible, use a non blower type heating device if you want streams of colors evenly down the canvas. The blower type is perfect for splashes of color away from your streams.

In order to prevent the crayons from mixing together and turning to blobs, leave the paper on the crayons.

My lime greens turned to yellow and my browns turned to red when heated.

Imperfection is perfect. Just let go, be free. It’s okay and even a part of this type of crafting.

Be prepared for the unexpected. I used craft glue and hot glue on all of my crayons and one still decided to slide down the canvas. I slid it back up to it’s spot, let it cool and it stayed put.

Experiment with the angle of your canvas as you heat the crayons. It does change the way it drips.

I did read that you must use Crayola crayons. (apparently the cheaper brands don’t melt right and are more waxy than color) I had some on hand, so I figured why chance it.

This was messy but fun!

Canning Lid (Not Just for Christmas) Ornaments

DIY embroidered ornament. #diy #crafts #love #ornaments #christmas #carving #embroidery

(Photo / Idea found on Flamingo Toes)


I didn’t make that one. But, I had to try it.

First problem, I had never embroidered before.

Never fear, youtube was here.

I originally found this idea on Pinterest. So, when I set out to make it, I only had a photo and no tutorial. Never having embroidered before, I watched a youtube video for a basic stitch and went with that. But, when posting this here, I decided I needed to give credit where credit is due & searched for the original post. That would have been helpful before I began my ornament because she had instructions, too. Just my luck! haha! She has so many other beautiful & creative ideas! I will definitely be back over there to check it out in depth!

Now, drumroll please! My finished ornament.

DSC01926 (2)

I didn’t have a pattern, so this is just freehanded. My stitches are different and not nearly as pretty as hers. And, I forgot to drill holes for a hanger until after I had it all glued together. So, I had to improvise. Overall, I was happy with my first attempt. Next time (if there ever is a next time), I will try to add a thin layer of quilt batting in between the cloth and the back lid to puff it up and out a bit. And I will try a little harder to find a prettier trim for around the outside of the lid. This will be just an added Christmas gift for my son & his girlfriend. I really enjoyed making it and cannot wait to try more of the ideas from her website.

I really enjoy repurposing old items into new items. My favorites have always been ornaments. What do you like to make?

Snowman Door Decoration

A mall located near us closed it’s doors years ago. It wasn’t huge like some big city malls, but still sad all the same. So, we were very excited when they finally turned the space into a big flea market. Unfortunately, even that seems to be struggling & most of the vendors are shutting their shops. Luckily, we were able to find this super cute snowman decoration for the door last year just prior to that very shop closing down. Since it was a gift from my son, my little snowman stays up all year long.

He’s made out of a straw hat. Love him!

002 (29)

This year, I decided to attempt a little straw hat snowman ornament. (You may have seen a preview of him in a previous post)


I like the use of the plaid vs the solid better. But, still happy enough with the result.

This little guy ended up in a gift bag as a small addition to the Christmas present for one of my husband’s customers.

I had planned to make a few more … just for fun. But, so far, I have procrastinated.

What do you like to create for Christmas?

Paintbrush Santa’s

I have been seeing the Santa’s made from paint brushes (is that paintbrush or paint brush??) all over the internet & at local craft sales. Love them! So I had to try them.

I didn’t feel like going to the store, so I scoured my house for whatever I could find. I found both .. some new and some used brushes & misc items to decorate them with. Score!

After an afternoon of Christmas shows and crafting, this is what I came up with … four Santa’s to hang.


My photo’s stink because I think the sun is hibernating & my flash just washed them out!


The gold one was actually a pastry brush. So, I had to drill a hole in the end for the ribbon hanger. Not so sure about the gold color.


My favorite one is the light blue one. It was a very used brush that was a little rusty. I love how he turned out, esp his little mustache!


It is hard to tell, but I lightly painted some red onto the hat part on this green one & then added sparkles. It looks kind of cool in person.


My next attempt, I want go to the store first so that I can be more prepared & to try to make some that look a little rustic like these that I found on pinterest. (Sorry I cannot give credit to the designer because the link from pinterest was broken)

or add some pizzazz like Suzy’s Artsy Craftsy Sitcom did in this tutorial to make these adorable Santa’s below.

paintbrush santa ornaments

There are just so many cute ideas out there to pick from!


Pittsburgh Steelers No Sew Blanket

After another mostly sleepless night, I got up early & pulled my weary body out of bed. Finishing projects always makes me feel better, more accomplished. Since I had planned to wash my sheets, I decided to make my husband’s blanket … one I had promised him two Christmases ago. To my defense, once I had the idea to make it he also had a list of people for me to make them for. So in an effort to get the gifts ready on time, his got pushed to the back of the pile.

Our house is small. So, there is never a good space for doing large projects. I have made all of the other blankets on the guest bed. However, with our middle son returning to live with us recently, there is no longer a guest bed. The only place left to spread out & make a blanket on was our bed. I specifically waited until wash day because I have been known to cut through a blanket a time (or two) Yep, that’s no good! Thank goodness it was an old one! In any case, I needed a completely unmade bed.

(Sorry, no tutorial included … just my thoughts!)

When I began making these no sew blankets, I scoured the web for tutorials & photos. My first blanket took me 5 hours! No joke! I was so meticulous about my fringe being all the same width, length etc. What I have learned is that it just really doesn’t matter if you are perfect. That is what is so great about this blanket … the imperfections don’t stick out like a sore thumb.


With my first blankets, I tied a double knot. This makes the fringe look more fringy 🙂 Now, I prefer to take both strands and tie them as one unit … not really sure what that knot is called. I just like my fringe more uniform.


Start to finish 2 hours. (That included throwing the sheets in the washer & clearing a walking space around my bed so that I could work without falling on my scissors!)

As an added bonus, I found the perfect amount of material in the bag that was left from one of our gifted blankets to make a no sew scarf for myself. Win!


I hope if you have been shying away from making your own no sew blanket that this has encouraged you to give it a try! Really! You can do it!

Christmas Post Stocking Hanger

My boys are grown. We don’t have a fireplace. So, we haven’t actually hung stocking in a few years. With the addition of our first Grandson (who we’ll call “J”), I have been wanting to bring the stockings back. I have seen so many cute wall plaques for hanging them. But, I have absolutely no wall space at all to do that. SO, when I came across this idea, I knew I wanted to give it a try.

My hubby accompanied me to Lowe’s. We looked everywhere for a post of untreated wood (untreated because even though I was going to be painting it, I did not want chemicals to seep out onto J’s little hands.) but we were unsuccessful. Since I wanted it to be thicker than a 2 X 4, I doubled them. I glued & added screws to keep them together. Not perfect, but it worked.


Above is the base. You can see how my seams came together for the 2X4’s.

I wanted glittery snowflakes & thought a blue would be the perfect base color. I primed with white, painted blue & then sanded down to the blue … all using the free paint samples from Lowe’s.

002 003

I used a stencil for the snowflakes & added glitter while wet. I used various colors & styles of hangers.

This is my finished product!

019  015


I love it!

Pinterest Project

A couple of years ago, I found this plate on pinterest & I saved it on my “to do” list. (Sorry that I can’t give photo credit … I can’t find the link again) But, I decided it was a perfect project for Christmas gifts.

Digital StillCamera

Mine did not turn out nearly as good as theirs did. But, Great – Grandma & Mom loved it anyway!


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