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Simeon’s protocol and the hcg diet

So, for anyone who has read my ramblings, you already know I pledged to lose 50 lbs. At that time, I had not completely commited to a plan. I know the correct way to lose weight – eating right, eating less and exercising. However, I am one who does better with a plan.

A friend of mine suggested I try Dr Simeon’s protocol and hcg injections. She lost 30 pounds and has kept it off. Then a bunch of her co workers got on board and also had great success. She e-mailed me a link to Dr Simeon’s information, “Pounds and Inches.” For several days, I poured over the information and other sites contemplating if this was for me. My hubby says that once I get something in my head, I don’t give up. I guess it’s true. I knew it was something I wanted to do. And, being a nurse, I knew I could give an injection …. the question was could I give myself one? Once I decided that I could, the search was on to find a supplier of the hcg. While I found that it is not illegal to bring it into the US for personal use, weightloss is not a generally accepted use among many US doctors. We did try to speak to a local doctor about it. However, it took me all of about 2 seconds to realize he had no idea what he was talking about. Keeping my mouth closed (which was very hard to do), I let him rant and then we quickly left his office. Since the hubby was uncomfortable with me ordering overseas, I found a clinic here in Tennessee that will mail it to you after a health questionare, telephone consult and a CBC. It is more pricey, but still something I was willing to do. During my consult with the clinic, she suggested prepping myself for the process by doing a dieter’s cleanse and cutting back on caffeine. I did the cleanse. All I can say is YUCK! I am now in my 1st week of diet and injections. The injections are not too bad. The VLCD (very low calorie diet) is easy to follow. But, I am wishing I had followed her advice to cut back ahead of time on the caffeine. My head is absolutely throbbing!

They suggest you do some sort of exercise everyday. I have been sproadic in my excercise, at best. But now, I have also made the commitment to exercise consistently. And having bought the new exercise bike, I continued on with that plan today by trying program #2. It took me through low resistance intervals with varying “target” speeds of 16 to 18 mph. It did not have a pre set time so my goal was 10 miles or 200 calories – whatever I hit first. I hit the 10 miles in 36.57 minutes and just shy of 200 calories (194). My pulse ranged from 100 to 124 and it proved to be a little more difficult than the program #1.

I realize there are advocates and skeptics about all things. While I have chosen this plan for myself, it may not be for everyone. As always it is best to consult your doctor before beginning any diet plan. If you want more information or think this plan may be for you, check out these web sites. I am not being paid to advertise. I am just a client. and

And if you have any questions or comments, I would be happy hear them.


About nonnymoose2014

I have recently retired from the healthcare field, nursing. As I try to figure out what I want to be when I grow up, this seemed like the perfect time to try my hand at blogging again. In the past, my success (or lack thereof) I believe hinged on my fear of revealing too much about myself. I have a desire to “put it all out there” BUT I want to do it on my own terms … anonymously! Thus came Nonny Moose.

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  1. I have a few questions about giving yourself shots, since you’re a nurse I thought maybe you could help me.



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  3. I bookmarked this page. I really like your site. I’ll bookmark the other pages when I have time 🙂


  4. Awesome blog!

    I thought about starting my own blog too but I’m just too lazy so, I guess Ill just have to keep checking yours out.


  5. I’m a nurse, too. If I lose wt. quickly on this diet, will I have excess skin like the people who get gastric by-pass surgery do. Would rather be fat than have that excess skin. Am 60 years old, 5 ft.,8 1/2 inches, 220 lbs.
    Please respond.


    • Jane, Nice to hear from a fellow nurse! I did not continue on the HCG. So, I did not lose enough weight to tell you from experience whether you would have excess skin or not. From the photos I have seen of other’s weight loss on HCG, they did not seem to have that problem. I personally think it all depends on genetics and how much weight you end up losing. Good luck to you! I would love to hear about your success using HCG!


      • Hi Gina. Just curious as to why you didn’t continue on the HCG plan. The things I’ve seen wruttten about it seem pretty good.


      • Laurie,
        I did not continue on the HCG mainly due to costs. I was buying mine from an HCG clinic here in the US. I know many people who bought theirs from online pharmacies for so much cheaper, but my husband and I were just uncomfortable with that.
        I liked the HCG because of the rigid plan … which for some may be a bad thing but for me was good!
        I have seen countless people online who have had wonderful results … proven with photos. They swear to have kept it off with very little effort after the HCG. However, myself and a friend of mine were not so lucky. I lost some of my weight, only to regain it. She lost all of her weight and has ended up back on it two other times to get off between ten and twenty pounds of what she had regained.
        Good luck to you in your weight loss endevours! Do come back and let me know how it goes if you do decide to try HCG! And, thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment!


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